StoryForge specializes in how to identify and clarify a program's unique impact, and use “story” as a tool to open doors to funding, build community awareness, and advocate for an important cause.

Not sure what you are looking for, but know your organization needs help? StoryForge offers free 1-hour initial consultations for first time clients.

Grant Services

Readiness assessments and foundation research

Make sure your organization is ready to apply for grants before submitting any applications. The goal of this assessment is to assist nonprofit staff and board members with understanding the current foundation funding landscape, to locate potential grant opportunities, and to identify the necessary steps that must be completed for grant readiness. 

Grant planning, writing, and management

A strategic approach to grant seeking includes matching your organization’s programs with foundations’ missions and funding priorities and creating a calendar for submitting grant applications. In addition to writing a compelling proposal, we guide you through the entire process, from building relationships with funders to ensuring that each proposal is complete and professionally presented. 

Colorado Gives Day profiles

Building your organization’s profile to participate in Colorado Gives Day isn’t rocket science, but it is time-consuming. If you don’t have time in your busy schedule to create a profile for your nonprofit, StoryForge can help, with project management, writing, and editing support.

Community engagement event planning

Most nonprofits are accustomed to planning events, whether it’s fundraisers, friend raisers, or programs. Community engagement events that are designed to reach a target audience, get feedback on an important project, or build support for your cause, are a little more challenging. StoryForge can help your organization plan and implement events, such as workshops, conferences, and community conversations, that are built on specific content, informed by best practices in your industry, feature expert speakers, build and reach target audiences, and gather needed feedback to help your organization reach its goals. 

Campaign feasibility studies and capital campaigns (with Third Sector Enterprises)

Working with Third Sector Enterprises, we can help your staff and board understand and plan for the necessary steps to get you through a capital campaign. It all starts with a campaign feasibility study, to find out how much your organization can raise from our community, for your project, at this time. The results of the feasibility study lead directly to the planning and implementation of the campaign itself.